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Herings, Jean-Jacques

Full Professor, Department of Economics

Jean-Jacques Herings is a Full Professor of Micro-Economics at Maastricht Unversity School of Business and Economics and is editorial board member for several academic journals.

Two main areas of interests in Herings’ research are general equilibrium theory and game theory. The former looks at the market mechanism in order to determine the value of goods and services. In other words, what determines the levels of prices, salaries, interest, share prices, etc. Game theory, on the other hand, focuses on the taking of decisions; particularly situations in which a number of players (companies, individuals, etc.) take decisions that influence each other’s incomes. Herings analyses the strategic interaction between these players and tries to represent them in mathematical models.

Both theories have an enormously wide field of application. The models can be used for the financial markets, to auctions and negotiations.

Language: Dutch (native), English

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