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Van Emmerik, Hetty

Full Professor, Department of Organisation and Strategy

Hetty van Emmerik is a Full Professor of Organizational Theory and Organizational Behavior at Maastricht University School of Business and Economics.

Her research focuses on people and how they work together. Accordingly, her research interests include organizational theory and behavior and HRM issues, for example social relationships within organizations and the association with various career outcomes at the team and individual level. Complementary, van Emmerik is interested in international management, gender differences, diversity within the working context, and differential preferences of employees.

Core topic in her research is the functioning of work teams. The question underlying this research is ‘Why are some teams more effective than others?’. Research suggests that answers to this question can be found in different research areas. For instance, teams can differ in their effectiveness due to the resource composition of the team members. Teams with more social capital and more ways to develop and preserve resources  will be more effective in accomplishing their goals. Another example of why teams differ in their effectiveness has to do with crossover and contagion issues. Teams with much burnout among their members may breed more burnout by contagion processes. Conversingly, teams with much employee engagement among their members may breed more employee engagement. Not surprisingly from these examples, examining the networks of team members is one of the focal instruments to diagnose team functioning and how to improve effectiveness.

Language: Dutch (native), English

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