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Perea y Monsuwé, Andres

Associate Professor, Department of Quantitative Economics

Andrés Perea y Monsuwé is an Associate Professor Quantitative Economics at Maastricht University School of Business and Economics. He worked as a Visiting Professor and Associate Professor at the Universities of Barcelona and Madrid. In addition to publishing in many international journals, he wrote two books on Epistemic Game Theory and Rationality in extensive Form Games.

During the last ten years, Perea y Monsuwé has been working mainly on epistemic game theory: modeling, and analyzing possible ways in which a player in a game may reason about his opponents. To understand the behavioral consequences of this reasoning, Perea y Monsuwé builds formal mathematic models, which are used to logically derive the choices that a player can rationally make if he follows this pattern of reasoning.

Perea y Monsuwé investigated dynamic games, in which players choose sequentially, rather than simultaneously, but also investigated possible intuitive ways in which a player may revise his belief about his opponents during the game.

Language: Dutch (native), English, Spanish, German

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